Join the Conversation: Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Though open dialogue about mental health continues to grow, coping with these conditions in our daily lives and complex health care system remains a challenge.

Use our resources to learn about the state of mental health today and share support for loved ones throughout May and all year long:

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issue, help is out there. Contact the Mental Health America 24/7 Crisis Text Line (Text MHA to 741-741).

#MentalHealth #MakeItMainstream

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Mental and behavioral health conditions can affect every aspect of our lives, and in some cases, debilitate us even more than physical ailments. It’s important we look out for those we care about and trust our gut if they seem “off.”

Read more and understand the signs of mental illness:

#MentalHealth #MakeItMainstream

Thankfully, awareness and understanding of mental illness are on the rise. But with any complex condition, some blind spots remain — one of which is the need for preventative rather than reactive care by measuring social determinants of health.

Read more and help dispel these mental health myths:

#MentalHealth #MakeItMainstream

Taking the first step toward improving mental health by connecting with a therapy provider is often the toughest barrier to care. Prepare yourself or someone you know for their first counseling session with these tips and reminders.

Read and share:

#MentalHealth #MakeItMainstream

Developing the daily practice — and eventually, habit — of positive self-talk can benefit us all in boosting self-esteem. In fact, it can serve as a powerful preventative measure to stave off mental illness.

Read how:

#MentalHealth #MakeItMainstream

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We’ve all felt it — that rush of butterflies before entering a room full of people we don’t know or before a big presentation. For those with social anxiety, which can affect us at any age and is on the rise, this feeling interferes with daily interactions and the ability to live a full life.

Read how we can cope:

#MentalHealth #MakeItMainstream

Pregnancy and motherhood can be a challenging time in as woman’s life as she takes on the most important role there is. The physical and societal pressures that come with childbirth and parenting put mothers at higher risk of depression.

Learn how we can support mothers, our champions and caregivers, with their mental health:

#MentalHealth #MakeItMainstream

Young people are savvier than ever when it comes to mental health. It’s up to parents to understand how kids are talking about these tough topics and broach the subject with their children if they notice a concern.

Learn the language of mental health for our kids:

#MentalHealth #MakeItMainstream

Today, more and more employees are considering mental health when applying for new jobs. This trend is helping to shape the standards of mental health accommodations in the workplace.

Here’s what employees can keep in mind, and advocate for, in their workplace:

#MentalHealth #MakeItMainstream

#MentalHealth #MakeItMainstream

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issue, help is out there. Contact the Mental Health America 24/7 Crisis Text Line (Text MHA to 741-741).

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