Your Behavioral Health Ecosystem

With Lucet, optimize your health plan members’ access to behavioral health and achieve better outcomes at a lower cost.

We are the country’s leading behavioral health optimization company—removing complexity and providing the infrastructure for health plans and providers to optimize access to behavioral healthcare through quality, speed, and outcomes.

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Our Results: Immediate Impact on Access

Greater Capacity

44% improvement in provider capacity

Faster Appointments

In as little as 1 day from first contact

Improved Outcomes

40% improvement in Behavioral Health Index (BHI®)

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Introducing Navigate & Connect

Lucet’s tech-enabled solution combines a team of care navigators with an advanced technology platform built upon 20+ years of clinical research.

A Solution for Every Member

Health plans can clinically assess all members needing behavioral healthcare–from the mildest to the most complex–and direct them to care quickly.

Our Member Care Center enables:

  • Proactive, targeted outreach to enroll & engage your members in need
  • Screening members across the entire acuity spectrum
  • Support with an extensive background in behavioral health and crisis management
  • A positive impact on member experience

Appointment Scheduling at First Interaction

Lucet consolidates all network providers and point solutions on one technology platform. This access to pooled provider availability enables real-time appointment scheduling.

  • Robust clinical screening process
  • Supplemental network capacity
  • Provider-friendly user experience
  • Market-leading speed to care

Comprehensive Insights Across the Ecosystem

Navigate & Connect delivers granular insights into member demand, network supply, performance, and clinical outcomes. We enable health plans to make real-time, data-driven decisions that can inform:

  • Network management
  • Sub-specialty needs analysis
  • Value-based contracting

Dynamic Provider Network Management

Health plans working with Lucet’s Navigate & Connect technology have access to a new approach to provider network management that’s responsive to member demand.

  • Analytics engine aligns member demand and provider capacity
  • Dynamic provider stack management
  • Comprehensive provider management services

Concierge-level Service for Your Members

Our clinically-informed care navigators and licensed clinicians provide behavioral health benefits, clinical management, and crisis intervention coverage across the clinical acuity spectrum.

  • Identify and engage high-risk members
  • Ongoing support and guidance for complex members
  • White glove member services to get the right care for their needs
  • 24-hour crisis support

How We Optimize Your Behavioral Health Ecosystem



On-staff team with deep clinical and care management experience


Advanced technology capabilities built upon 20 years of clinical research


Real-time analytics across the behavioral health ecosystem


Comprehensive network management services and solutions

Our Navigate & Connect Platform Offers:


Alignment across your behavioral health ecosystem

Our people, platform, insights, and solutions create alignment across your behavioral health ecosystem.

  • Connect your member demand with your provider supply in real time
  • Ensure quality, timely access, and value-driven care for all members who need it
  • Reduce total medical spending on members with behavioral health needs

Quality care for your members, quickly

Health plans are able to match & connect all members to clinically appropriate treatment solutions based on their level of acuity and clinical profile. With Lucet, you can even ensure that high-risk members are carefully guided and connected to treatment.


Flexible partnership approach

We have a needs-based implementation approach, which enables us to work within your existing ecosystem.

  • Wraps around your existing resources
  • Seamless branding and experience
  • Competitively simple technical implementation
  • Evidence of impact within the month

Meet Lucet. We are the only company delivering real-time behavioral health optimization.

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Additional Behavioral Health Services

Lucet serves those who are affected by mental illness and impacted by trauma. We offer the most cost-effective care, from integrated care coordination to specialty clinical programs.

Utilization Management

The Utilization Management process focuses on providing high-quality, whole-person care and services in the most efficient and effective manner.

Care Management

The Lucet Care Management program is designed to deal with barriers members face in their progress toward self-management of health care and recovery.

Substance Use Management

Lucet provides a comprehensive answer to Substance Use Disorder that is committed to facilitating a healthy life for our health plan partners’ population that struggles with substance use.

Autism Services

Our Autism Resource Program aims to create a better, more direct path to care. We apply a holistic approach to diagnosing and treating autism, collaborating directly with family members, providers, and health plans.

Network Management

Enhance the member and provider experience while achieving cost-effective care with Lucet. Our comprehensive network management services include access to our robust network of behavioral health providers.

Claims Integrity Program

Instances of fraud, waste, and abuse are detrimental to the health industry—leading to serious compliance issues. To fight against this, we deliver claims management as a standard part of our services.

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