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By Britnee Moore, Care Navigator

Lucet Cares: Employee Spotlight

One of the core tenets behind Lucet’s mission of improving behavioral health access and quality is that a human-to-human element is critical. Lucet relies on sophisticated technology to make faster and more appropriate care possible, but recognizes that guiding members through their behavioral health journey is most effective with a member-first approach.

The dedicated employees at Lucet are our biggest asset — from those in clinical and member-facing roles to those in technology, marketing, finance, administration and many other functions. Now, we’d like you to meet the passionate people who make Lucet what it is.

We sat down with Britnee Moore, a care navigator and first point of contact for members in need of care.

Tell us about your background and how it prepared you for your current role.

One of my first and favorite jobs was in high school working with a friend as a counter girl at the local dry cleaners. The two of us saw that role as so much more. My friend led the way, and we made a focused effort to build and maintain relationships with every person who walked in. This is a mentality that I still live by today which guides how I work with colleagues inside Lucet and the members I serve externally.

Another experience involved several years balancing cash drawers and eventually spreading my wings by growing into a charitable funds project coordinator role for a local health system at the University of Kansas Health System (TUKHS). There, I learned how to move charitably funded projects though all stages, “from source to settle.” This helped me realize how passionate I am about optimizing processes and how important it is to know who does what in any given organization.

Britnee Moore

“I am invested in offering appointments to as many people as I can, as well as finding opportunities where the company can continue to improve upon a great tool that matches members in need with providers who have openings.”

Britnee Moore – Lucet Care Navigator

What is your role at Lucet? Which important piece of the puzzle do you bring to the company?

I am a care navigator, where I mainly field inbound calls from members and providers. I bring a member-first, process-oriented mindset to find, understand and eliminate pain points for all involved.

It’s extremely rewarding to be on the “helper” end of the call now, because about a decade ago, I was on the other end. In 2013, I turned to my insurer for help and they sent me a list of psychiatrists to reach out to during a time of need. I was at the lowest of lows and became increasingly overwhelmed as I reached out to the providers one by one. In that state of mind, I couldn’t think clearly and became entirely discouraged as I heard the wait times for some of the next first-time patient appointments – usually three to six months or more! I gave up, did not seek care, and did not pursue the disability paperwork I needed at the time.

Lucet’s solution to this problem has been a game changer. If I had been given the opportunity to schedule with a psychiatrist within a week, the following 10 years of my life would have looked very different. The scheduling platform is specifically why I joined Lucet. I am invested in offering appointments to as many people as I can, as well as finding opportunities where the company can continue to improve upon a great tool that matches members in need with providers who have openings.

How do members react when they realize you can help them directly schedule an appointment so soon, and even do it during your conversation? How does Lucet’s technology enable you to help members more effectively when you’re on the phone with them?

Lucet’s scheduling platform includes a helpful search feature that allows me to fine-tune the results to find providers that best meet the member’s needs. I love being able to offer an appointment with a provider who I know the member will feel comfortable speaking with. The platform has provider biographies that have also been very helpful for members to make their choice. While some members are hesitant to book right away because they would like to research the options available before picking a provider, many are notably thrilled. Their tone lifts and you can hear their spirit lighten a bit knowing they have something on the calendar, and it only took one call. Members that decide to not book an appointment during their initial call often end up calling back to get connected with care, after they realize how long it could take on their own.

In your opinion, why is it important to have human involvement in behavioral health technology?

Tech solutions that are fully automated with no human to connection on the other end can be cold and impersonal. It can cause a lot of pain for people who do not fit neatly into an algorithm. The members who reach out to us are often in a particularly vulnerable position. It is important that they are able to reach another human so they feel like their individual needs matter, are being heard and are worth advocating for. The more we can do to equip members on the first call, the better off they are to handle their benefits and connect with providers who can help.

To learn more about how our Care Center team members utilize our smart technology to connect members to care, visit here.

Britnee Moore is a care navigator at Lucet, The Behavioral Health Optimization Company.

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