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Even if you’re not part of the Lucet provider network, we have resources to improve your day-to-day.

Quality Behavioral Healthcare for All

Lucet brings decades of clinical experience, research, and innovation to the behavioral health sector. Our mission is to help providers like you improve the quality of care delivery and outcomes for your patients with support from our care team. Even if you’re not part of our provider network, we have a variety of helpful resources to enhance and expand access to mental health care.


Improving health care, together.

By collaborating with providers like you, we improve access to quality behavioral healthcare and encourage whole-person health for our members. Your partnership helps us create powerful care solutions, and our network team is always ready to join forces on new, innovative approaches to care.

With decades of experience in the field and an unwavering commitment to partnership, we can create positive change in the lives of those we serve, together.

Are you already a Lucet (formerly New Directions + Tridiuum) in-network Provider? You can find In-network provider resources in the provider portal. Visit the Lucet Provider Portal.

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Let’s change health care, together

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Lucet brings decades of clinical experience, research, and tech-innovation to support providers. We help you grow your client base by opening up a broader member network, to get more of the right members through your door.  

Our proven services and support from our care team help providers like you improve the quality of care delivery and outcomes for your patients.

A single case agreement is not necessary if the member’s policy covers the requested services. If the services to be rendered are not covered due to network or benefit limitations, and if the treatment is medically necessary, a single case agreement might be available if certain conditions are met.

To determine if a single case agreement is an option, please contact Lucet by calling the number on the back of the member’s insurance card.

WebPass is an online service from Lucet which allows providers and office staff to submit requests for authorizations for eligible members.

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