Is Alcohol Hurting You or Someone You Know?

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We often think of drugs and alcohol as two distinct substances, but alcohol is among the most commonly used and socially acceptable drugs in the world. It’s no surprise that alcohol use disorder is also the most common type of substance use disorder in the U.S.

When Alcohol Becomes a “Must-Have”

There are several noticeable warning signs for alcohol use disorder, including:

  • Feeling the need to drink alcohol to fall asleep
  • Difficulty waking up in the morning
  • Consistent lateness for work or other responsibilities
  • Weight changes due to a either a stimulated or reduced appetite triggered by alcohol
  • Struggling finances impacted by alcohol purchases
  • Increased conflict with family, friends and/or significant other

If these warning signs look familiar to you or a loved one, you may have alcohol use disorder.

Alcohol’s Life-Changing Impact on Finances

Alcohol is expensive and can have a massive impact on your wallet.

  • 12 pack of beer per night at $9 each — $3,285 per year
  • Glass of wine per night at $9 each — $3,285 per year
  • A mixed drink or shot at $8 each — $2,920 per year
  • Average cost of first DUI — $10,000

For more resources about recovery, visit our Substance Use Disorders Center.

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