Prepare for a Visit

When visiting a behavioral health provider for the first time, it is normal to experience a variety of feelings – whether that be excitement, stress, or anxiety. Below are some suggestions to help you prepare and make the most of your first visit.

Be prepared

  • Write down your concerns and questions you’d like answered
    • It is normal to have questions about the type of treatment you may receive, the cost, and how often you’ll be visiting the provider. Consider writing these questions down ahead of time and bringing them with you to your first appointment.
  • Write down the medications you are taking (this form might be helpful)
  • Bring your insurance information and something to write with

Be honest

  • Talk sincerely about what you need
  • Be truthful regarding your symptoms
  • Answer questions with honesty

Be supported

  • Take a family member or friend with you
    • It can be helpful to bring someone you trust to your first appointment. A family member or friend can provide support and help you remember any important questions you might have. Be sure to reach out to your provider ahead of time to see if this is acceptable.

Quick References

For benefit information, call the number on the back of your insurance card.

Autism Helpline

General Inquiries

Substance Use Hotline

Find a Provider