Get to Know the Lucet Provider Portal

Our Provider Portal is a hub customized to Lucet provider needs. Access resources, update personal information, request support and access the latest news in behavioral health. Use these frequently asked questions as a handy guide to using the portal.

You can also call us from 8 a.m.–5 p.m. EST at 888-611-6285. If we miss your call, we will return it within 24 business hours.   

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the Provider Portal?

From the top navigation bar on, choose Providers > Provider Portal. From there, log in to your account with the information provided to you from Lucet.

What can I do in the Provider Portal?

The Provider Portal is your one-stop shop for communicating with Lucet. You can:

  • Check your onboarding status in joining the Lucet network (as an individual practitioner, provider group or facility)
  • View and update your account information
  • Request support from our team
  • Track your open and closed support cases
  • Access helpful resources and industry news

How can I update or add a new address?

From the top navigation bar of the Provider Portal, click Account. Here you can view, edit or delete information regarding addresses.

How can I request support for claims issues, application status, demographic updates, provider relations inquiries or any other network or support issues?

You must submit a support case for any question or assistance you need from the Lucet team. From the top navigation bar of the Provider Portal, click Support. Here you can submit and track the status of your support cases.

  1. To submit a new case, click Create a Support Case.
  2. Fill out all required fields in the form (marked with an asterisk), then click Submit.
  3. Once submitted, the case will be added to a list for the team to address.
  4. To track the status of submitted cases, click Open Support Cases or Closed Support Cases on the Support page.

Where can I find frequently used documents and other resource links?

From the top navigation bar of the Provider Portal, click Resources. Here you can access useful links and forms for Lucet providers.

What’s the difference between the Provider Portal and WebPass?

The Provider Portal and WebPass serve two separate functions. Use the Provider Portal to submit and track support cases, access resources and keep up with industry news. Use WebPass for member eligibility and authorization requests.

Access WebPass at, or locate the link within the Provider Portal under Resources.

What if I’m not a current provider or I’m an EAP provider?

If you are not a current provider or need login assistance, submit a support case via our “Out of Network” form

If you are an EAP provider and need assistance, contact the EAP team at 

For a comprehensive walkthrough of the Provider Portal, watch our guided video.

Quick References

For benefit information, call the number on the back of your insurance card.

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