Best Practices for Patient Follow-Up

Patient follow-up improves outcomes, decreases risk of re-hospitalization and cuts health care costs

Implement these practices on your treatment team to follow up with patients:

  • Arrange a referral to outpatient treatment before the patient is discharged. Include the patient and their family when possible to ensure the appointment meets their needs.
  • Establish a follow-up protocol. A member of the treatment team can follow up post-discharge to remind and encourage the patient to keep the appointment.
  • Have a motivational conversation with the patient and their family to stress the importance of follow-up care. Ensure other members of the treatment team reinforce this message in their work with the patient.
  • Identify and remove barriers that prevent patients from attending follow-up appointments or following recommendations.

We can help Florida Blue members secure direct appointments

Navigate & Connect from Lucet can make your care more efficient and improve follow-up rates.

  • Schedule an appointment in real time
    Direct scheduling connects patients to in-person or virtual network providers for timely follow-up appointments, relieving your staff of administrative burden.
  • Identify resources
    We provide patient resources that help eliminate barriers to attending a follow-up appointment, like access to telehealth, language assistance, and community resources.
  • Access Care Management support
    For patients with complex needs, we provide case management resources in addition to referrals for follow-up outpatient treatment.

Call 1-855-888-5001 and select option 2, then option 7 to speak with a Lucet representative about our services.

Thank you for your commitment to improving the patient experience. Together, we can better behavioral health.

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