Introducing Lucet: From the Desk of Shana Hoffman, CEO

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By Shana Hoffman, Lucet President & CEO

I am so proud to announce that starting today, New Directions and Tridiuum are officially one brand: Lucet. We’ve combined the world-class behavioral health navigation and clinical teams from New Directions with Tridiuum’s advanced behavioral health technology platform to form one industry-leading organization. Now as Lucet, we are uniquely positioned to optimize access to behavioral health care for all who need it.

Our name is Lucet. The word “lucet” refers to an ancient thread making tool with connotations of connection, cohesion and alignment. Its Latin root means “to light, be clear, shine.” With the formation of this new combined entity, we’re striving to shine a light on the behavioral health system to simplify how the right care is delivered.

Our core belief at Lucet is that people deserve a more direct path to better mental health. We believe that members who have developed the strength and willpower to overcome barriers and begin seeking help deserve an experience that can connect them to the proper care, quickly. Just as importantly, the care they access should be able to be measured to understand if it is working. There’s been an influx of new point solutions in behavioral health, some of which have high quality outcomes and clinical models. But, without a reliable way to connect to these providers, the number of members able to access behavioral health care is far lower than it should be. That’s why Lucet is reimagining how behavioral health gets delivered.

Lucet optimizes health plans and provider network services, making timely access to high-quality, value-driven mental health care more attainable.

There are three aspects to our optimization infrastructure:

  • Our navigation and clinical teams have deep domain expertise in behavioral health benefits management, clinical case management and crisis intervention to deliver concierge-level service to health plan members.
  • Our technology platform is the first of its kind delivering true first-call resolution for members, enabling real-time risk assessment, clinical matching, appointment scheduling and outcomes measurement.
  • Our insights into health plans’ behavioral health demand, care quality and outcomes, and network supply and performance give us unique knowledge to continually fine-tune the member experience.

So what can health plans expect from Lucet?

We are the connection point between your member demand and provider supply. We’ll ensure that all members needing care are assessed immediately, matched to the right care for their needs and receive appointments in an average of five days. We’ll find untapped capacity across your providers through available appointments and better provider-patient matching. And we’ll expand or contract your provider network based on your population’s needs and providers’ performance.

I’m so proud of the work we’re doing. We’ve seen a 28% increase in connections to care – members seeking referrals and with scheduled appointments. In fact, we’ve scheduled those members in less than five days on average from their first call to the health plan. On top of that, we’ve unlocked 44% additional provider capacity in the form of unused appointments with Florida Blue, and improved members’ mental health scores by 40%. Furthermore, by improving the connection to behavioral health care, we’ve saved another prominent health plan client over $90 per member per month in the total cost of care.

Our members have been connected to their first therapy appointments in as little as one day using our scheduling platform. This is what’s possible with optimized access. And we, as Lucet, are only just getting started.

For more information about Lucet, read our full press release here.

Shana Hoffman

“Our core belief at Lucet is that people deserve a more direct path to better mental health.”

Shana Hoffman – CEO

Shana Hoffman is the CEO of Lucet, The Behavioral Health Optimization Company.

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